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Our Story

Dental Price and quality tested

Your online store to better serve you, by the essentials, quality and price. To our experience, we have added close collaboration with some Asian manufacturers since the IDS 2003. In addition to our brands, we also offer and advise on several major European brands, and provide better offers on request. Our versatility in computer science, dentistry, plumbing, electricity, numerous installations including humanitarian missions in Belgium and elsewhere since 1995, allows us to test our products in addition to the CE certification, in collaboration with manufacturers we have the technical expertise of our products namely parameterisation and troubleshooting. We only sell the products that our dental surgeons have used, appreciated and approved minimum six to twelve months of testing. We are not a pick and drop warehouse, you have also the opportunity to test our outstanding products, test without the obligation to purchase. In the event of a breakdown or incident, we lend you free replacement equipment, for the duration of repairs or exchange within the warranty; to ensure the continuity of your work within the maximum of 48 working hours. Our products have the codes of traceability and authenticity.

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